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Buy quality used diapers at great prices. 
Sell your diapers fee-free to a targeted audience.

I've tried to practically give away my daughter's used diapers in garage sales to no avail (not really surprisingly so). The return on second hand cloth diapers is actually reasonably substantial on popular auction sites. But I have found that popular auction sites require a lot of effort and cut severely into seller profit margins. Our Bargain Basement is designed just for the cloth diapering and attachment parenting community and is a free, simple, and useful service to network us all together in order to make parenting even more affordable and enjoyable. 

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Frequently Asked Questions
All sales transactions within the Bargain Basement are final unless otherwise agreed upon.  All transactions are the sole responsibility of each individual buyer and seller.  Baby Cotton Bottoms is not responsible for any transaction that takes place or is agreed upon using the Bargain Basement. 


Once you enter "The Basement" you will discover affordable diapers new and used. 
Occasionally we will list our super closeout sales here as well. 

Sellers are free to use any format for their ads, but we encourage all to follow the following guidelines in categorizing the condition of their diapers: 

  • New - Not washed nor worn
  • Like New - Washed
  • Great - Used but still got plenty of uses left
  • Good - Shows some wear
  • Fair - Shows quite a bit of wear