OsoCozy Diaper Sprayer

Prices:  $39.99 each


Product Details

Quick Clean Up!en the package.

The diaper sprayer is a fresh way to clean soiled cloth diapers. Its high-pressure spray rinses clean even the messiest diapers. The mess goes where it is supposed to go - and your hands stay clean.

During potty training, the sprayer is perfect for rinsing potty chairs.

The adjustable spray is gentle enough to be used for personal hygiene after childbirth.

Easy to Install - no plumber needed
The OsoCozy Diaper Sprayer is very easy to install. All parts and detailed instructions with high-quality pictures are included in the box. If you need help with installation, call the 800 number listed with the instructions to talk to an experienced customer service agent.

In the Box
One package includes sprayer, fixtures, hose, mounting clip, and full-color instructions with diagrams and pictures.

Manufacturer's 90-day limited warranty.

Product Reviews

Rating = 5
Months Used = 12

Could not live without this! So much easier and more effective than dunking! This is worth every cent. Easy to install, and works great!  --Amy 7/08

Rating = 5
Months Used = 3

This is the best kept secret to cloth diapering. I never knew they existed until now!!!! Attaches to your toilet in few minutes so no big deal there, and with each messy diaper change you just spray the mess off of the diaper into your toilet. I use the old fashioned kind of diapers, prefolds and i hated swishing out the messy diaper into the toilet. Now all i do is spray and then i use my bucket lid to carry the diaper to the pail. I have recommended this to all my cloth diapering friends as the best thing ever. Another use for this sprayer, this may sound crazy to some but they sell these as personal cleaners as well. After i had my baby that area was a little sore, and a squirt with cold water felt good. It also helps spray down the toilet while doing your cleaning. Just some other uses for it. - Amy 01/07