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Large, L 12-15 months 20-26 lbs. / 9-12 kg

Extra Large, XL

15-24 months

24–31 lbs. / 11–14 kg

Super Large, SL

2-3 years

28–37 lbs. / 13–17 kg


3-4 years

35–44 lbs. / 16–20 kg


Product Details

The IMSE VIMSE ORGANIC Training Pants are designed to help children who are potty training.  With two layers of absorbent terry fabric and a layer of  PUL, these training pants protect clothes from getting wet when small accidents happen.  They allow the child to feel wetness, which will help them in potty training.  Choose from 3 sizes.  Available in Jungle and Farm, both gender neutral.

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Because these had a layer of PUL, I was hoping to use them at night and when we were out in public so my child's clothes would not get wet. They turned out to be about as absorbent as any plain cotton training pants. Way too much to pay for plain old training pants!  --Kelly 3/09

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This is a very good training pant, and I appreciate that it is made from organic cotton.  We were using disposable Pull-Ups, and switching to these during the day certainly saved us money.  Our daughter had no interest at all in potty learning in the disposables because the Pull-Ups were just diapers in disguise.  These trainers feel wet and only contain accidents for a short time.  She quickly learned what being wet was about and was able to learn to use the potty in short order after being in these.  Our only complaint is the leaking that occurs with these, but that's just because we're spoiled by disposables, too.  Thanks!  --Tessa and Jon 02/08