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Sand and Wisteria Color have UV Protection!                  

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The weight distribution the Moby Wrap is wonderful and provides superior comfort for both Mom or Dad and Baby. The Moby Wrap spreads out over both shoulders and also hugs your waist allowing for proper posture and the freedom of use in both arms. 

Looking for relief from Infant Acid Reflux?
The Moby Wrap is the carrier for you. Moby Wrap allows you to comfort your baby suffering from GERD like no other as it completely encompasses your little one while keeping your baby upright to encourage digestion and to help keep the acid down.

Your baby will love being so uniquely close. And as an infant the Moby Wrap most resembles the warmth and closeness of the womb which is beneficial to your newborn both physically and emotionally.


  • Made from 100% cotton, super soft double interlock

  • Includes easy to follow, detailed wrapping instructions.

  • One size fits most - Adjusts to fit any adult

  • Use from birth to toddlerhood (35lbs)

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Absolutely wonderful for newborns! My 1 month old daughter loves it & so do I. She will sleep in it for 2-3 hours - it is what I turn to when she is fussy & it always calms her. It is very comfortable to wear & doesn't bother my back at all! Five stars!!!  --April 4/08

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This is the greatest product. My little one is so relaxed in this. I have a bad back and this does not hurt me. It looks hard to put on, but its actually quite easy.  - Beth 3/06

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I have several different types of babywearing devices, and though the Moby is not my favorite, it is one of the most economical and comfortable. At first, it is not the easiest or quickest to put on (as a sling or, better yet, a pouch), it is extremely versatile--there are several in which to wear baby and one size will fit both mom and dad. The wrap style also takes the youngster's weight off your shoulders, which is a major plus if you babywear for hours on end. And don’t be intimidated by the wraps--wrapping looks complicated, but actually gets much easier with practice. You'll be a pro in no time. Both a plus and a minus, the fabric is stretchy--it is easy to readjust, but you nearly always *must* readjust the wrap—and much hopping and a little dancing may be involved in order to get it right. Sometimes baby even begins to slowly creep down in the wrap after a while, calling for yet another readjustment. But in the front carry with the baby facing mama, it is very easy to nurse on the go. --Shana 03/08