Bambo Nature Training Pants

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Bambo Nature Training Pants are eco-friendly and certified skin-safe. With our flexible, thin, and easy to pull up and down design, our training pants are designed to make potty training easier for toddlers (and for parents).

Our three-layer design has a super absorbent core that provides soft, effective protection for day and night, while our fully breathable backsheet helps ensure dryness and reduces the likelihood of a rash.

And because our training pants are free of harmful chemicals and all known allergens, your toddler’s skin will stay more than just dry, it will stay safe.


Non-woven backsheet (outer side) of polypropylene (PP) and polyethylene (PE). Absorbent of polyacrylate (SAP) and cellulose (ECF fluff). Topsheet of non-woven (PP). Acquisition layer of non-woven (PET/Co-PET). Adhesive made of synthetic rubber—no optical brightener added. Elastication made from elastane.


Are your training pants really safe and effective?

Yes! Our eco-friendly, sustainably sourced products are certified skin-safe and have received the most coveted and stringent credentials, awards and eco-labels in the world to ensure the health and safety of your child.


How absorbent and breathable are Bambo Nature training pants?

Our technologically innovative training pants are thin, yet ultra-absorbent and feature a fully breathable backsheet. This allows moisture to be wicked away faster, keeping your toddler’s skin dry and reducing the likelihood of rash. A dry environment, along with the absence of harmful chemicals and allergens, not only prevents, but aids in the healing of diaper rash.

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