Pre-Loved Cloth Diaper Buy Program




Do you have cloth diapers that you no longer need just taking up space?  We want to buy them from you!  

Diapers must be gently-used and in excellent used or nearly new condition.

  • Diapers should be clean and odor-free. Please wash and thoroughly dry diapers before bringing them in. Diapers should be free of stains, pet or human hair, lint, tears, fading, etc.
  • Snaps and Velcro should be fully intact and functional.
  • Elastic should be snug and functional.


How does this work?


When you bring in your diapers and clothes, we’ll look over them and make you an offer. We base our offer on condition and popularity of the items, as well as on what we already have stocked. You don’t have to accept our offer. As with any consignment or resale situation, the amount of credit we are able to offer you won’t be as much as you’d make if you sold your items on your own, but we can offer you cash or store credit right then and there and have it done for you simply.


Gently loved items are accepted everyday but are subject to staff availability. If we are busy, or the right staff is not available, you will need to drop off your diapers for us to evaluate when we can.  We will contact you with an offer via phone or email.  If you need us to turn the buy around immediately, say it's a far commute or otherwise difficult for you to come in, just call ahead and we'll set an appointment for you when we know we will have staff to handle it right away.  719-328-0741


Because of limited space, we will be discriminating in our selections. Sometimes we cannot accept items because of our current stock levels. If you decline our offer or have items we could not accept, we ask that you pick your items up within 7 business days.  Property left longer without prior authorization becomes the property of Baby Cotton Bottoms and will be donated to a charitable organization we support.  Diapers or clothes that we reject for whatever reason, we encourage that you consider donating them to a local charity. We can take care of that for you if you let us know.